introduction to the bridal edit

Introducing an alternative Bridal Edit Collection from Velvet Johnstone as they make
their transition from beautiful, feminine structured pieces to the perfect, unique
wedding gowns and outfits for every bride’s big day.
From bespoke bridal gowns to comfortable pre-wedding day apparel, the Bridal Edit
features a range of designs and inspirational pieces to give establish a unique
alternative to more conventional wedding attire. With the likes of their long flowing
tulle skirts with delicate lace and beading embellishment available made to measure,
Velvet Johnstone includes their clients in every step of the process to deliver both a
modern, seductive twist on the traditional bridal gown and perfect bridal look in one
sumptuous package.
Velvet Johnstone prides itself on making dream creations a reality. Whether that’s the
perfect gown for walking down the aisle, knock-out frocks for your rock n roll wedding
guests or the ultimate evening outfit as she and her sweetheart dance off into the
sunset together.
“Only having visions of what I knew I didn’t want and not knowing at all what I did
want, how was I ever going to make such an important decision?Within a week of our
first consultation I had an array of sketches, each with different detailing that set
them apart from the others I’d seen. They were magical! In one email she had captured
my style and personality instantly while introducing me to the elegance of Velvet
Johnstone. As I longingly gazed over the sketches with my heart racing with excitement,
there I saw the dress I was going to marry my husband in.
Cheryl was thoroughly attentive in every meeting and it was great to go in to the
studio to keep up to date with the various stages, always having the opportunity to
amend or tweak the design at any time.
When the day came to collect it, I didn’t have an ounce of nerves, as I knew I was in
the best hands. I tried it on for the final time and despite never having that ‘perfect
dress’ image in my head before, I was now standing there, wearing the perfect wedding

Kara Bowman x