the lovers...real vj brides

from bespoke bridal gowns to comfortable pre-wedding day apparel.. velvet johnstone prides itself on making dream creations a reality. whether that’s the perfect gown for walking down the aisle, knock-out frocks for your rock n roll wedding guests or the ultimate evening outfit as you and your sweetheart dance off into the sunset together.


bex ♥ Craig


janie ♥ brock


sian ♥ jonny

sian mrs rowe <3

sian & the gals

leena ♥ gardo

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carrie ♥ eoin

carrie & her best gals ♥

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unnamed 2.jpg

dalia ♥ neil ...and all the gals ♥

dalia ♥ neil .. the legal bit ♥

floella ♥ matt

emily ♥ paul

cheryl ♥ simon

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kara ♥ dan

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emily ♥ pete

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emily & her best gal